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Atif Aslam addresses rumours of him quitting the music industry

Pakistan’s iconic singer Atif Aslam has put speculation to rest, about him bidding adieu to the music industry.

During an interview with Hamid Mir on Geo News’ Capital Talk, the 37-year-old addressed the rumours going rife about his exit from Pakistan’s music scene.

“The topic of leaving the music industry is one that’s quite personal. But I want to keep myself attached to my religion while still being part of the world. I won’t say I will be giving up on music entirely, but I want to highlight important aspects of religion like the 99 names of Allah and Tajdar-e-Haram.”

Quitting Music

“I feel happy knowing that there are youngsters who are not just listening to my music but are also getting inclined towards these things. But I am still not quitting music.”

Speaking about the recitation of Azan that recently took the internet by storm after the coronavirus broke out in Pakistan, Atif said: “I had heard that during the times of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), people used to go up to their roofs to recite the Azan. That’s where the idea came from and I just went with it without a second thought.

“A day before recording it, I couldn’t sleep at night and couldn’t hold my eagerness. The feeling was beyond words. I never thought I’d be blessed enough to get a chance like this,” he added. 

He further shed light on his recent Coke Studio performance of Asma-ul-Husna [the 99 names of Allah], which received massive acclaim from around the world.

“In life, we do a lot of things, some are virtuous some are sins. I was lucky enough to have performed Tajdar-e-Haram, and I consider myself very lucky to have gotten a chance to perform Asma-ul-Husna. I can’t explain the feeling I got while I was reciting the names.”

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